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Scope: Illustration, Apparel Graphic Design

YORK Athletics Mfg. is a high quality minimalist performance training footwear company that launched in the Spring of 2016. Living with intention demands a high level of mental and physical awareness and YORK Athletics gives you heavy doses of constant inspiration to do just that. YORK embraces individuality and a black sheep mentality, taking a minimalist approach to athletic shoes leaving plenty of space for you to be you. 

YORK's ethos perfectly aligned to ours here at the 7WD den, so when they reached out and asked if we would be interested in collaborating and capturing the essence of the brand with our illustrations it was no brainer. 

It is always refreshing to partner with good people who work just as hard as you do to elevate their craft. Do your self a favor and head over to and poke around, RAD stuff happening and we are stoked to be part of it.

photos by: Simon Simard Photography

Images.All rights reserved.

JACQUES BERIAU of  SEA LOVE FARM in Maine rocks the WOLF graphic we designed for YORKs Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. BERIAU is a farmer, a surfer, a shaper, and a science teacher. Super inspiring dude.

This tee is for the lone wolves who fight to better themselves everyday.